Fans and followers were totally brokenhearted when Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend of three yearsZayn Malik, called it quits on January 3. The duo had been #CoupleGoals for pretty much their whole relationship, so we were devastated to see them split. But on March 2, the former One Direction member took to social media and was anything but shy about the love he still has for Gigi — and an insider exclusively revealed to Life & Style that the couple is back on!

“@GiGiHadid love you,” the 26-year-old wrote to his on-again, off-again GF.

According to an insider, this isn’t the first big gesture Z has made toward his longtime flame to seal the deal once more. “Zayn bombarded Gigi with flowers and romantic gestures after they split,” the source revealed. “At first Gigi remained strong, but she’s given in to his pleas and wants to give their relationship another shot.”

Fans and followers were totally stoked at the prospect of these two getting back together and rushed to comment on the extremely clear PDA move. “My Zigi heart,” one fan replied to the tweet, while another chimed in, “She loves you tooooo!”

TBH, all signs point to yes on that one. Since the infamous duo called things off just after New Year’s, the 23-year-old model spent some time out at her Pennsylvania farm — a place where the duo have spent a lot of time together on both her property and his neighboring one throughout their relationship — as well as making a visit or two to his downtown NYC apartment.

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Plus, it’s only been two months since their split, and it wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve taken some time apart only to reunite in the very near future. Back in March 2018, the couple made public declarations of their breakup on social media but were seen a few times together in the following months before getting back together officially by June. For them to get back together once again, in the same way, is typical Zigi at this point.

“Gigi has never stopped loving Zayn,” the insider added. “They’re both hoping that things will work out this time around, but friends fear it’ll end in tears again.”

Clearly, the couple has their struggles, but if this isn’t a case of true love bringing two people back together time and time again, we don’t know what is.

Reporting by Natalie Posner.