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A successful entrepreneur with many outstanding feats in the real estate industry, Lorraine Jordan is a woman championing a new path for many young women to follow. She is the team leader and founder of Team Jordan, a hugely successful real estate company she started in 2002 in Midland, Ontario, and the organizer of a women’s weekend retreat aimed at fulfillment and financial goals coming up on the 28th of April 2023.

For the world-renowned realtor, women’s participation in business is essential to building a more stable society, and it’s something she’s passionate about promoting through her platform. According to her, women’s financial literacy is important, and this is her motivation for putting together a women’s retreat aimed at teaching women how to succeed in business and how to be in charge of their finances as well.

Demonstrating her knack for closing good deals as a realtor, Lorraine says success in real estate is hinged mainly on the ability to make connections with people and to have solid strategies. “It’s all about relationships and connection, which is huge. And experience; if you’ve been there before, you can see patterns that other people don’t see. It’s really easy for someone to have a particular idea of real estate because they’ve been practicing for three or four years, but they don’t have a clue. It’s completely different.”

With their financial literacy skills in place, women are more able to create and explore opportunities where they have passive investments so that they never have to compromise because all their bills are taken care of. As she says, “this isn’t about making half a million dollars a year”. It makes no difference whether you’re earning far less than that figure, but it’s about you and what your needs are and the lifestyle you want to live, she explains.

Over the last 34 plus years, Lorraine Jordan has built her empire on the sure foundation of growth, creating long-lasting relationships and always striving to improve the community in which she lives and works. Through her regular talks and sharing of business tips on her various platforms, Lorraine hopes to teach others and empower women to become successful as well through her robust platforms and network.

According to Lorraine, the retreat she’s holding soon is going to be made affordable so that they can have more women coming in. The participants will also have the opportunity for one-on-one coaching to help them strategize in a personalized way.

The award-winning real estate entrepreneur has expressed deep-seated concern about women’s empowerment in the area of business, which is why one of her priorities is contributing to the growth of local communities. As she illustrates, women are beginning to rise to the occasion across various industries, from sports to entertainment, and even business, and they need all the support they can get to succeed.

With the projections reflecting positively for women getting into real estate, there are still some hurdles to cross. Lorraine truly believes that if you want to accomplish something, gender plays no role in the outcome. When you try hard enough, it becomes easier to achieve everything you set your mind to accomplishing.

It is possible to beat these challenges and excel in the industry as a woman in real estate, as Lorraine Jordan has demonstrated. A member of the top 25 real estate agents in Canada, and one of the most notable in the real estate industry across America, Lorraine has a book – ‘Truly Wining in Real Estate’ – which is about personal secrets and strategies that helped her win in the industry. She shares important tips, shortcuts, and models to help you make real estate into an amazing career. So far, she has accomplished more than 10,000 transactions.

The humble mother of four believes in giving others a hand and helping them find their path in the journey of entrepreneurship, so she frequently meets with people and holds networking programs, where she also shares her strategies. According to her, she’s putting together a women’s finance retreat soon just outside Toronto, which is dedicated to teaching women how to save, how to build an investment portfolio or get around to fulfilling whatever they dream of.

After all, as she says, those who achieve great things in life and stand out in the world are those that take action, see opportunity in situations, and make the most of every situation they are in, not those who complain and look at all the reason why they can’t get things done. And because she believes that “when we know better, we do better”, she always makes out time to teach and provide inspirational talks in the area of real-life experiences from those whom she has mentored through innovative strategies, helping them to live their best lives.

In the course of her buoyant career as an entrepreneur and coach, the self-made millionaire has built sustainable wealth through real estate. It has been a long and tough road spanning over 34 years, making Lorraine Jordan an authority in the field. For women looking to get into real estate, Lorraine inspires them to be focused on what they want to achieve and not expect it’s going to be easy at the beginning.

Going forward, Lorraine Jordan advises that women who come into real estate must be futuristic; they have to have a long-term goal before they can achieve anything worthwhile. That is because if the women getting into real estate don’t have the mindset that it’s a long-term road, they won’t be as committed and focused as they should to grow their portfolio.

“A real estate agent is a professional,” she says. “They’re dealing with people’s largest assets. It’s not something we take lightly,” she says, “You need to show up and be the best version of yourself. Always seek new education. I’ve been in it since I was 18, and I still am constantly learning how to be better, and how to earn the opportunity or the privilege to work with my clients.”

For those who can’t make it to the retreat, Lorraine will be competing in the ‘Against All Odds’ Speaker Slam in Toronto on April 25th where 10 inspiring speakers will take the stage to share their stories of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity, and who better fitting that Lorraine Jordan herself.

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