Is That a Bird or Christina Aguilera? We’re Legit Cringing at These 2003 MTV VMAs Celebrity Looks

The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards are right around the corner, y’all! And with that, we decided it was time to take a look back at the thrilling days of yesteryear when celebrities seemingly forgot how to dress without resembling circus clowns… or just, you know, deeply troubled human beings.

Upon going through the archives, we discovered that the 2003 VMAs was the biggest offender of all. The early 2000s were just a really strange time and unfortunately, the Hollywood elite (and their closets) fell victim to it.  

The 90s were over and basically everyone was just pissed that Y2K didn’t end up wiping out civilization. So, they took their anger, confusion, and general lack of caring out on their wardrobe. Trust us, it showed. Keep scrolling for the 13 most cringeworthy outfits from the 2003 MTV VMAs.