You go, Abby Lee Miller! On Tuesday, September 10, the longtime reality TV star, 52, walked for the first time following her battle with Burkitt lymphoma. The bravest part? Abby took her triumphant steps in front of a live studio audience on The Doctors

In addition to sharing this emotional moment with the world, Abby also shared some intimate details about her cancer journey. The ALDC founder admitted that while she “knew” she would have cancer due to her family’s health history — Abby’s mother, Maryen Lorrain, died of colon cancer and her father, George, passed away from bone cancer — she “never thought” it would be at her age or as rare. 

That said, she’s come such a long way since her emergency spinal surgery in April 2018 and subsequently, her diagnosis. However, being the headstrong woman that she is, Abby admitted that relying on others to care for her can still be “humiliating.” 

Abby Lee Miller on stage
The Doctors

“There are moments you wish you were dead,” she confessed. “I still have those moments from time to time … when you’re that close to death, dying is easy, but they saved me and I’m here and I have to best I can … there’s so much more work for me to do.”

So much more, indeed! Abby, of course, has already returned to the hit Lifetime series Dance Moms where she’s coaching a whole new cast of characters.

In the promotional footage ahead of season 8, Abby appeared as determined and fearless as ever. Thankfully, that didn’t change once the show premiered in June.

We look forward to seeing more milestone moments from Abby’s recovery in the future!

New episodes of Dance Moms air on Lifetime on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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