If you thought her Instagram feed was hot, just wait till you see her in motion. Kylie Jenner‘s BFF Stassie Karanikolaou posted a bikini try-on haul video on her YouTube channel on June 4 — and the 22-year-old gave us serious summer vibes with her hot bod.

“I know I haven’t been back for a while and I know I start off every video by saying that,” the Instagram influencer said at the start of her video. “I haven’t been back for a while so I’m sorry about that. But I noticed you guys really liked my try-on haul so I decided to do another one for you guys today.”

The haul in question featured bikinis from White Fox and Stassie tried on a few similarly cut styles in different colors, each of which accentuated her curves perfectly. Must be nice to have such a slammin’ bod, huh? Plus, she gave a great tip for getting those bikini bottoms to work for and flatter your hips: make sure your bikini bottoms sit above your hips, not across them.

But the model didn’t stop at just bikinis, she also tried on a few dresses, skirts and pants as well as a corseted bodysuit from the boutique as well. Each outfit was cuter than the last and they each showed off Stas’ cute tiny tattoos, too — including the sweet “Stormi” tattoo she has on the back of her arm that she got with the toddler’s mama recently.


Believe it or not, the influencer even dropped her clothing size for fans and followers to help gauge what size to order for themselves — super helpful, huh? — and it turns out she’s not even as tiny (on paper) as you’d think. Stassie revealed that she ordered mediums in most dresses and tops, with her even ordering larges or extra-larges in her bikini tops.

Hey, when you got it, flaunt it, right? No matter what size!