Anna Kendrick is known for a variety of movie roles. From appearing in Twilight to singing her heart out in the Pitch Perfect franchise, the Simple Favor actress has amassed an impressive $20 million net worth throughout her career, according to Celebrity Net Worth

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Anna Kendrick Started Out in Theatre

The Maine native landed her first major role on Broadway when she was 12 years old, playing a supporting role in 1998’s High Society. After appearing in multiple stage productions, Anna earned the Theatre World Award and received Tony nominations as well. 

By 2003, Anna landed her first film role in the musical movie, Camp, in which she showed off her incredible soprano vocals. After a few years of an apparent hiatus, the Rocket Science actress landed her role as Jessica Stanley in The Twilight Saga, appearing in four out of the five films. 

Anna Kendrick Net Worth: How Much Money She Makes

Anna Kendrick Is a Singer

Once she was cast as her widely known character Beca Mitchell in Pitch Perfect, Anna became a household name — especially after performing the famous “Cups” audition scene. 

The a cappella-themed franchise garnered a loyal fan base, and Anna went on to record several songs alongside her Pitch Perfect costars, including Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp

In 2014, Anna flaunted her impressive singing pipes again in the musical film adaptation of the play Into the Woods, in which she portrayed Cinderella. She also landed a few funny roles such as Noelle. However, Anna re-established her noteworthy acting range when she took on the role of Stephanie in A Simple Favor, playing an innocent and cheerful mom who later unveils a much more clever side to her personality. 

Anna Kendrick Revealed How She Approaches Film Roles

In a September 2022 interview with People, the Up in the Air star opened up about how she related to her character in her upcoming film Alice, Darling

“Usually, it’s just, I read a good script and I like the people involved, and I make the movie,” Anna told the outlet. “And it was really surprising timing that we found this script at that moment in my life. And in fact, I remember my first Zoom meeting with Mary Nighy, the director, disclosing to her what I was going through. And I even said to her, ‘This all happened very recently. In fact, it happened so recently that if the movie was shooting in a month, I probably shouldn’t do it.’”