Stepping into your higher self takes courage, confidence, and dedication. But even more so, it requires you to stand up for yourself. If you’re in a place you want to be but still feel held back, it may be due to a lack of boundaries. Manifestation Queen Arabelle Yee knows all about the importance of setting boundaries and is here to share her wisdom. Read on to discover more.

Establishing boundaries in any and all relationships is important, and that includes family, friends, and significant others. But we tend to set aside this aspect and place less value on establishing healthy boundaries compared to other things. And that shouldn’t be the case.

You’d be surprised how beneficial boundaries are, but it’s not nearly talked about enough. You may be wondering, what do healthy boundaries look like? Or how do I even set boundaries? That’s where Arabelle Yee comes in and has the answers you’re searching for.

Arabelle Yee is an entrepreneur, certified psychotherapist, and transformational life strategist who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs’ step into the highest version of themselves. She has helped her community unlock their purpose and generate more than $18 million in revenue. She also taught nearly 45,000 students in 110 countries globally on how to build emotional intelligence to increase wealth. Now she’s on a path to walk with other strong and resilient women on the journey of life and is sharing what she learned throughout the way.

Growing up, I was culturally and environmentally conditioned to become a people pleaser without consciously being aware of it.

I would say ‘yes’ to many things that I actually wanted to say NO to,” Arabelle shares. If you find yourself struggling to use the word no with others, it’s ok to do so. When it comes to elevating yourself and your life, you have to prioritize you. But for many, it’s easier said than done.

We have been conditioned to understand ‘no’ in a negative light when in reality it’s far from the truth. There is power in it. It shows that we value and respect ourselves rather than worrying about disappointing others. It may seem uncomplicated to always be willing, but a lack of boundary setting can limit you from certain opportunities and experiences.

“I was too afraid to express myself because I never felt safe in my body and in the world to be who I truly am. To shine my light,” Arabelle says. But the moment she became a mother, everything changed.

“I realized that there was no room for my limitations and stories to play out anymore,” she highlights, and “I wanted to be the parent who walks her talk, who has integrity with her words, who honors her truth, her space and her body and who is the embodiment of a human who can lead herself through anything.”

2023 is the year we prioritize ourselves while also maintaining healthy relationships. To truly see your life transformation occur, you have to love yourself. And the first step is setting boundaries.

“I eventually ended up regaining my power and personal identity,” Arabelle explains, having learned the importance of boundaries so much that it has become second nature for her.

Arabelle Yee

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