Euphoria costars Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike have been fueling romance rumors for weeks, and fans want to know: Are they dating? The pair seemingly sealed things with a kiss. 

On February 10, Dominic, 26, shared a photo via his Instagram Stories kissing Hunter, 22, at a dinner table with a chocolate dessert sitting in front of them. 

“Happy birthday, happy birthday,” the singer captioned the loved-up photo. Considering his birthday is December 30 and hers is December 31, it’s unclear if they were celebrating late or just teasing followers.

Are Euphoria's Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike Dating? Kiss Photo
Dominic Fike/Instagram

Rumors about the HBO costars have been swirling for weeks after they were photographed holding hands while leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles in mid-January. Weeks later, they were once again spotted packing on the PDA after another dinner outing. 

They’ve kept things relatively hush-hush, but hopefully, they will start sharing more about what’s heating up between them soon.

Hunter, who plays Jules on the drama series, has been a main character on Euphoria since the beginning. Dominic joined the hit show for season two as Elliot. 

In the series, Elliot meets Rue, played by Zendaya, and they start doing drugs together. Rue, Jules and Elliot become friends and spend time together, but Rue and Elliot keep their drug use a secret from Jules. Eventually, Elliot and Jules start hooking up behind Rue’s back, and he tells her everything. 

Zendaya, 25, previously praised Hunter and the dynamic their character brings to the show. 

“[Hunter] is captivating in the role not because she’s a purely sunny antidote to the depravity and confusion surrounding her, but because she’s sometimes subject to that confusion (and violence) herself, and she still looks at life as an optimist and romantic,” the Spider-Man: No Way Home star told Vogue

Surprisingly, getting cast as Jules came relatively unexpectedly to Hunter. 

“I saw a casting call floating around on Instagram last year, and then a few days later, my model agents told me that I’d been asked to come in for it. I’d heard that other trans models were doing it, so I was interested,” they recalled to Vogue. “I could have never really seen myself taking on such a performative art practice, because I’m pretty shy, but I went in and gave it a run, and they asked me to come back and come back again.”

Hunter added, “As a trans girl playing a trans character, I had to ask, where is this going, what’s her backstory? Is this going to depict a trans girl in a weird way that I think needs to be in the world? But as I got more of the script and witnessed her arc develop, I became more confident in the way she had been constructed. And I really fell in love with her and Rue and their overall trajectory.”