WE tv's Bridezillas has introduced us to many a worrisome wife-to-be over the past 10-plus seasons… but no one quite like Veronica. As we saw when Season 11 returned on June 1, this 32-year-old is set to marry a 25-year-old man named Jesse. But this so-called "Runaway Zilla" has left multiple fiancés at the altar, so to speak. Her and Jesse's story continues on Bridezillas' June 8 episode, so we don't yet know if they made it down the aisle. And honestly, we'd be surprised if we learned they're still together!

"Him proposing to me was an absolute shock, and I called him crazy and stupid for doing it," Veronica said on the show, as Jesse nervously listened on. "Like, I wouldn't want to marry me … As soon as that music cues for me to walk out, I see myself like, 'No, no, no, no,' and then turn around. I've run away from multiple engagements before. He's made it the farthest, and I can't pinpoint why — at all."

Also eye-opening? Jesse is only eight years older than Veronica's eldest child. And to hear her talk about him, those eight years don't make Jesse too much more mature. "Jesse and I have one children together, and I have three other children before him," she says. "Technically I have four children, but Jesse's my fifth."

The biggest issue, however, might be Veronica's temper. "When something doesn't go my way, I either scream or yell, I snap back really quickly, [or] — if I'm really pissed off — I start crying," she says. "And then they're like, 'Oh, you're so upset,' and that just pisses me off even more."

For example, when Veronica and her mother argue over hair extensions, Veronica says she hopes her mom's hair falls out. Then Vero starts full-on screaming: "Oh my god, Mom! I just need you to tell me that it's going to be beautiful!"

WE tv doesn't just call Veronica "Runaway Zilla" but also "Demon Zilla," and it's not too hard to see why. While we await the rest of their Bridezillas story, let's just cross our fingers and wish this couple the very best of wishes!