WTF. Veteran meteorologist and local television host Dave Scott of KSUI-San Diego recently delivered the most awkward newscast of all time, and we legitimately can’t stop thinking about it. The 3-minute long segment involved inflatables, bored bystanders, and a magic chant that would even confuse Hermione Granger.

But, let’s start from the beginning. Dave reported on the Inflatable Run and Festival in San Diego, CA, and started off by asking the camera — or supposedly his co-anchors back at the studio — what “inflation” meant to them. “Is inflation in our world a good thing or not a good thing?” he questioned. Next came a 10-second bout of silence, and to be honest, for live TV, it felt like an eternity.

mr. wacky newscast

A co-anchor finally asked Dave to repeat the question, to which Dave asked again about whether or not inflation is a good thing. “It depends on what the topic is,” Dave’s co-anchor said to him — literally leaving Dave drowning in a sea of awkwardness. “What are we talking about?” the co-anchor asked. Exactly. What was Dave talking about? He was at an inflatable festival with bounce houses, not a round table discussion about inflation. Thankfully — because we all were waiting to hear the answer — Dave let us know that inflation is a good thing. Phew.

Dave tried to salvage the interview and made his way toward a crowd of about 30 people who stood by a large inflatable obstacle course. He asked them, “What kind of fun do you think you’re going to have today?” Dave actually got some answers this time, but they made zero sense.

The bystanders, who were given a microphone from Dave without any warning, described the kind of fun they were going to have as “helping,” “bouncing,” and “I didn’t hear the question.” If someone knows what “helping fun” means, I’d love to chat.

Again, Dave tried to save the interview with a group chant. Everyone loves chants, right? Right…when they have a punchline! Dave’s chant didn’t exactly have a punchline. He made the crowd repeat after him, “Abracadabra, 1-2-3!” The crowd repeated in unison and then up popped Mr. Wacky — an inflatable man with deflated arms who actually knew a thing or two about the festival.

But, Dave didn’t let Mr. Wacky shine. No, Dave continued the chant. He chanted, “Now, it’s time to see what we see!” The crowd repeated with looks of total and utter confusion on their faces. What were they going to see? Nothing appeared in front of them like this magic chant so helplessly promised. WTF, Dave! He then turned his attention to Mr. Wacky, the only person during the entire newscast who had their sh-t together.

mr. wacky newscast

Mr. Wacky singlehandedly saved the day and tried talking about what these people were actually there for. But Dave just couldn’t resist and asked another nonsensical question. “Now, does that mean that everybody here becomes an inflatable today?” WHAT, DAVE?! No, everyone probably doesn’t get to become an inflatable just because they made an inflatable Mr. Wacky appear with a subpar chant.

The closest anyone would get to actually BECOMING an inflatable was when Mr. Wacky made the bystanders do the Mr. Wacky dance. (It consisted of everyone waving their arms like you’d see a large inflatable character doing at a car wash.)

And it’s not just me who thought this was the most absurd interview ever. Fans on reddit had some ~feelings~ about it, too. “Wacky inflatable flailing arm tube man tried to save the cringe, but the news anchor just couldn’t help but make it more and more awkward,” one person said. Another wrote, “That dude in the front during the chants has a [facial] expression that speaks volumes of regret.”

Next time, Dave might want to rethink this. And maybe — just maybe — bring out Mr. Wacky at the beginning of the interview, not the end! #FAIL.