So much for an amicable divorce. It's been two months since Kendra Wilkinson filed for divorce from her husband Hank Baskett, and Kendra said that they would still remain friendly throughout the divorce process, but it looks like that was short-lived. Kendra took to Twitter on Tuesday, June 6 to live tweet an argument between her and Hank — and it sounds like things got real nasty, real fast. Watch the video above to see all of Kendra's since-deleted tweets!

Kendra and Hank met in 2009 while Kendra was still living with the Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion and they tied the knot later that year. They went on to have two children together — eight-year-old Hank Jr. andt four-year-old daughter Alijah. But their marriage took a turn after his 2014 cheating scandal when he allegedly cheated on Kendra with transgender model Ava Sabrina London while Kendra was eight months pregnant with their second child. Hank has insisted that he did not cheat and that the scandal was just a plot to extort the former NFL player for money.

Even though they tried to work things out, they never fully bounced back from it and they decided a divorce would be the best decision for their family. It seemed like the Kendra on Top stars were getting along and co-parenting their kids — they even reunited last week at one of Hank Jr.'s hockey game. But sources revealed to E! News that the trouble started after the reality of their divorce started to set in, and Hank "taking big digs at Kendra to get under her skin."

"He knows what bothers her most," the insider continued. "He sees that she is trying to move on and wants to date again, and it's something that triggers him. It has been an ongoing battle between the two."