Something (or SOMEONE) to hide, Ariana Grande?

The singer sent fans into a frenzy on Monday night when she posted a photo to Instagram that showed two people hidden behind a curtain with just their feet peeking out.

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One person in the image is wearing white high heels while the other is wearing high-top sneakers, and the way the pair is standing insinuates they're kissing. Needless to say, followers immediately jumped to conclusions about who the mystery man could be, including a secret boyfriend!

ariana grande

The caption — which read, "the sun is setting and you're right here by my side" — only strengthened speculation, and it didn't take long for the 22-year-old to delete the pic all together.

C'mon, Ariana, we know you want to let us in on the secret! Scroll down to see more stars who've posted, then swiftly deleted, social media photos.