Ariana Grande did a lot of naming names in her new breakup/self-love anthem “Thank U, Next” over the weekend, but fans were surprised by a few names she left off the list. While Ari includes her infamous partners Big Sean, Mac Miller, Ricky Alvarez, and Pete Davidson‘s monikers in the jam, exes Nathan Sykes, Graham Phillips, and Jai Brooks were noticeably left out.

“Omg if you rememberArianaa dating Jai Brooks then you’re a stan twt veteran bc even she doesn’t remember 💀,” said one fan. “Ari said f–k Jai and Nathan they don’t mean s–t,” teased another. “Ari left out Nathan Sykes and Jai Brooks for a REASON sis,”
said a third.

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The exclusion also lead fans to conspiracy-theory-land, where they questioned whether Nathan, Graham, and Jai demanded that Ari not mention them. “Apparently, Ari’s exes heard the song before it was released to approve. What if Jai Brooks and Nathan Sykes didn’t? 🤔 Conspiracy theory,” said a fan.

To be fair, Ari might just not be counting the guys because she was very young at the time and has several serious boyfriends since. Still, if you want to learn more about Ari’s exes, we’ve got the scoop, below.