Oink, oink! Over the weekend, Ariana Grande took to her Instagram stories to show off her precious baby pig. However, it was Ari’s fiancé, Pete Davidson, who seemed the most excited. How, you ask? Well, the SNL star commemorated their furry friend with a brand new tattoo. That’s right, y’all, Pete hasn’t run out of space just yet.

Right below the 24-year-old’s seemingly fresh Winnie the Pooh design, Pete had a portrait of his pet inked along with the words “Piggy Smallz.” If that’s not the best name for a pig ever, we don’t know what is.


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Thanks Pete 🐷🐻🎈

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Naturally, fans rushed to the tattoo artist’s Instagram with words of praise. “OMG! So freakin’ cute. I love it!” commented one user. “This is straight fire!” added another. We’re relieved to see that Pete’s latest ink is a lot less awkward than the first tattoo he ever got.

Earlier this year, Pete revealed that his first piece was actually a tribute to Big Sean… you know, the guy Ariana dated for almost a year! Speaking with Variety, Ari’s husband-to-be dished on the meaning behind his Big Sean ink. “The Big Sean song that had that ‘swerve’ in it, we were like, that’s gonna last forever,” Pete explained. LOL. Oh, if he only knew.




That said, Pete has gone on to get a number of tattoos — including a few dedicated to his future wife. More surprisingly, however, is that Ari has gotten some new ink dedicated to Pete, too! Seeing as the pop star isn’t known for her badass style — high ponytails and cupcake dresses don’t exactly scream hardcore — her fans have definitely been shocked. Most recently, the “God is a woman” singer got Chihiro from the anime film Spirited Away inked on her forearm.

It may not seem like an obvious dedication to Pete, but there’s definitely some connection. According to Ari’s Twitter, the 25-year-old and her man love to watch anime together and Spirited Away is one of their favorites. How cute! TBH, at this rate, Pete and Ari will have more tattoos dedicated to each other than months they’ve been together. No shade… just sayin’!