No matter how rich and famous she may be, Ariana Grande is still a mama’s girl through and through. On Monday, June 10, the world-renowned pop star, 25, took to Instagram to share the sweetest message for her mom, Joan Grande. “Happy birthday, best friend @joangrande. You are the strongest, most generous, funniest and most fiercely compassionate human being in the universe and I’m so grateful to learn from you and to be your daughter.”

Of course, Ariana’s diehard fan base — a.k.a the Arianators — chimed in to share their own words of love and praise for Joan, 50.  “Can you ask Joan if she wants to adopt me? I wouldn’t mind being your sister. PLEASE ASK HER, THANK YOU. Oh, and please hug her so tight while asking. Tell her that this fandom loves her. Thank you, love you,” one user commented.

“Mama Grande, thank you for gifting us a woman who changed our lives. Ari gave my life a meaning and we are grateful to have her in these bad times,” added another. If those comments were touching enough. Here’s a super dramatic one, for good measure: “Reminder that if someone held me at gunpoint and asked me who’s the nicest person I know I would not hesitate and answer Joan. Happy birthday!!”

Needless to say, Ariana stans do not come to play and neither does Joan! Of course, this isn’t the first time that Ariana has shouted her mama out for being a strong, amazing woman. In fact, the brunette beauty’s hit single “thank u, next,” references her proud parent.

“One day I’ll walk down the aisle/ Holding hands with my mama / I’ll be thanking my dad/ ‘Cause she grew from the drama,” the lyrics read. Hmmm, sounds like Ariana really has learned from Joan over the years. Keep killing it like the couple of independent queens you are!

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