Gotta rep ‘em all? On Jan. 14, Ariana Grande took to her Instagram Stories to reveal her newest tattoo. The singer, 25, posted a snapshot of her inner-arm featuring a black-and-white portrait of Eevee. You know, like the Pokémon. “I’ve wanted this for so long. Thank you so much,” Ari captioned the pic, along with tagging the tattoo artist, Kane Navasard.

Funny enough, the brunette beauty actually hinted at her new ink over the weekend on Twitter. “Yesterday I had a day off and I played Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee for 15 hours. Honestly,” she replied to a fan who asked what games she has on her Nintendo Switch. OK, so, naturally, we have a few thoughts that we’d like to share.

Ariana Grande Pokémon tattoo

For starters, we do admit that if Ariana were a Pokémon herself, that she would be Eevee. She’s tiny and cute and more often than not, people don’t take her as seriously as they should. Pretty apt comparison, right? Well, all of that being said, did homegirl *really* tattoo a freakin’ Pokémon on her body?

Sigh. Perhaps we’re being too judgemental. After all, fans of the “thank u, next” songstress really seem to dig it. “Wow. Ariana Grande really got a Pokémon tattoo. I have to stan this iconic lewk,” one user wrote on Twitter. “Ariana Grande got a Pokémon tattoo. I can literally die happy,” added another.

At the end of the day, It’s Ari’s body and she can tattoo whatever she pleases on it! All we’re saying is, she doesn’t exactly have the best, er, track record when it comes to ink. Ahem, remember the several tattoos she got in honor of her now-ex-fiancé Pete Davidson? To be fair, though, we sincerely doubt that Eevee will joke about hiding Ariana’s birth control. In which case, this tattoo is already an upgrade.

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