Does Ariana Grande have a 24-hour laser tattoo removal specialist on call? Because damn! She works quick. On Oct. 16, fans noticed that Ariana’s famous “Pete” tattoo wasn’t visible while the pop star performed at NBC’s Wicked 15th-anniversary concert. In fact, in one video posted to a fan account on Instagram, the 25-year-old is rocking a Band-Aid where the ink dedicated to her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson, used to be! Gasp. 

As it happens, both Ari and Pete got a bunch of tattoos dedicated to each other over the course of their five-month romance. The reason Ari’s “Pete” tattoo garnered so much attention is that 1) it’s basically the kiss of death to get a significant other’s name tatted on your body and 2) it happened to be located on the same finger as her massive engagement ring.

Speaking of engagement rings, the “God is a Woman” singer has reportedly returned it to her former flame. “She is giving [Pete] the ring back and has no plans of getting back together with him,” a source close to the pop star confessed to Radar OnlineAs to whether she actually gave it back to the SNL star remains to be seen. However, based on the same video of her covered tattoo, it’s clear that Ariana is no longer wearing it. Ouch, that’s gotta sting. 

Don’t be too sad for her, though. There is one thing Ariana was able to keep following the demise of her relationship and TBH, it’s better than a ring. According to reports, Ari granted herself full custody of her once-shared pet pig, Piggy Smallz. Ari and Pete, er, actually, just Ariana, purchased the little oinker back in September and he quickly became a symbol of their love.

That said, based on all the crude jokes Pete has made at Ariana’s expense in the past few weeks — while they were dating, no less — we bet some people would say keeping the pig is a trade up. Wink, wink.