Uh-oh! Former Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham‘s family photo was met with backlash after they took their 2-week-old daughter, Alessi, to dinner. The Bachelor Nation stars seemed unbothered by the parent-shamers when Arie clapped back at all the ~concerned~ comments they were receiving. They’ve been sharing tons of details about their newborn baby so it comes as no surprise that they’ve already developed a thick skin.

“Went to dinner … [Alessi] couldn’t hang,” the 37-year-old captioned an adorable family photo of him, Lauren, 27, and their sweet daughter sleeping. A slew of responses rushed in dissing the newly minted parents for taking Alessi out of the house so soon and how she was being held. One user slammed the reality stars, “Arie, does Lauren not know how to hold a baby? … Don’t they teach y’all anything in Arizona? … Watch this baby come down with something because you guys are taking her out in public don’t say people didn’t tell you so.”

“Not to be mean, but a newborn shouldn’t be taken out in public like that. The first 30 days are crucial to a newborn … Also, a newborn baby should be held in the cradle position. Please be careful,” someone else wrote. Another person added, “I love you guys but you’re not supposed to hold newborn babies like that. Her back will get hurt. A worried fan gently suggested, “I’m not judging because becoming a new mother is full of learning by trial and error. BUT having studied infancy development, please do your best to keep her home for the first month to six weeks.”

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Courtesy of Arie Luyendyk Instagram

Arie was relatively chill and later commented with a laughing emoji, “For all of you that are curious she survived dinner and we are home safely.” Luckily, it wasn’t all negative responses. Many people thought the haters were being way too harsh. “Would you negative people get off of her page! Nobody asked for your advice. Let this woman live her life and enjoy her baby,” a fan begged. Another person was totally fed up and said, “I literally cannot believe all of the judgmental crap on this post. You know what new parents DO NOT need during their first month as parents? ‘Expert’ strangers on the internet telling them they’re doing everything wrong. Moms especially need encouragement and support.”

It looks like Arie, Lauren and Alessi are doing A-OK.