It’s no secret that living in an apartment comes with sacrifice when it comes to space. Assuming you can only fit a two-seater or futon in your tiny nook in the city has now been proven wrong with the Beta Modular Sofa Collection from Article, which we reviewed in detail!

We were on the hunt for a fairly wide, white couch that was comfy but also practical in our space. While there were plenty of options well out of our budget range, the biggest hurdle was finding one that didn’t feel like a compromise on style and aesthetic while still being super inviting and comfy.

At first glance, Article’s Modular Beta Sofa Collection seems like a pass just because of sheer size. It’s stunning in quartz white, as well as deep-seated and sturdy so you won’t be fluffing your cushions every day. But we were afraid the dimensions just couldn’t work with small apartment space.

Given it was our dream couch, we decided to try it out anyway. With Article’s easy return policy, we knew if it wasn’t a fit, at least we had tried. And we’re glad we did! We opted for right and left arm modules (had to skip the chaise lounger, sadly, but how comfy does that look?!) and the ottoman for a little extra comfort.

Article Beta Couch

The delivery was a breeze and even when it arrived with a small scuff from bravely delivering up five flights of stairs, Article was quick to swap it out.

At first glance, it looked huge. We were used to an old IKEA couch that was frumpy and small, which is also one of the reasons we needed a revamp of our living room. We wanted to be able to host more! Still, it was going to take some adjusting to see if I liked this new piece in the space.

The ottoman was the biggest question mark. Why put such a large ottoman in such a tiny living room, some of my friends even asked. But what’s a living room for? Living! Sure, we could have returned the ottoman and called it a day with the perfectly fit arm chair modules pushed together – comfortably sitting three to four guests, might I add – but having an ottoman where you can cozy up and watch TV and stretch your legs was important to us. Some may have opted for a coffee table in its place but we don’t eat our dinner on the couch so the ottoman was here to stay. We styled it with a tray for holding TV remotes (and maybe a glass of wine or two).

After a few months, we can safely say it’s a keeper. It looks just as pristine as when it arrived. The cushions are still sturdy and hold their shape. The white hasn’t worn, though be careful because this is a dry-clean only fabric! We haven’t had any issues so far and can’t wait to cozy up this winter on our new Article sofa!