When in Italia, you know? Ashley Graham took advantage of vacationing in Italy and visiting friends by indulging her sweet tooth with a homemade, fresh cannoli — and she shared the whole experience on Instagram.

“The Iiriti family feeds me so well! And I was wrong about the goat, it was milk from a sheep!!🤣🇮🇹❤️🤤💋,” the 31-year-old captioned the adorable video of herself trying the cannoli in its native land with her friends posted on July 20.

“OK, welcome to the Iiriti family, and tonight, we’re having homemade cannolis,” she narrated excitedly in the clip, even with a little Italian accent in the beginning. “This is actually from a nursing goat, this is from her milk, and uh, this is a homemade cannoli, ladies and gentleman. This is what Italy is — no, this is what Scilla is offering me tonight. I’m giving you a little taste.”

The model then bit into the delectable dessert, letting the cream get all over her face before signing off with a “Grazie Mille” and licking the filling from her mouth. Talk about Italian summer vibes!

Needless to say, we weren’t the only ones totally taken with the adorable vacation vid — especially her adorable accent. Fans and followers made their way to the comments to share how on-point her articulation was.

“The ‘okai’ is so accurate I love,” one fan congratulated her on getting the pronunciation right. “Wow, your accent is so authentic 😆,” another follower wrote.

This definitely wouldn’t be the first time Ashley has gone on a magical trip somewhere exciting and taken advantage of the food in spite of your typical ~bikini season~. Back in April, the model shared a snap of herself lounging in her suit while lunching on a burger.

Let’s hope we see quite a few more summer food stories from this babe. They’re almost as good as her bikini pics!