Beauty and brains! Ashley Graham took to Instagram on Monday, July 8, to show off how she’s spending her summer — reading while topless in the pool. Not a bad way to relax, huh?

“Pool, sun, Brené Brown, repeat,” the 31-year-old captioned the photo of herself posing on a kiwi floaty while wearing nothing but a green bikini bottom and shades. We see you, girl!

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It’s safe to say Ash takes the best pics — whether she’s modeling and shooting professional photos for one of her many campaigns, or just being her silly self, the curvy model is a mood. In April, she shared a photo posing in a bikini while eating a burger and salad. “I need a vacation. Where are you vacationing this summer?? Take me with youuuuuu 😩💛,” the brunette beauty captioned the adorable photo posted on Instagram of herself lounging on a beach chair in her striped bikini and shades while eating her lunch.

A week prior to that, she posted another photo but this time she was eating Cheetos in a yellow floral bikini. “Itty bitty things for big things coming your way,” she captioned the snap.

We love that Ash is all about promoting authenticity on her social media. She has managed to make a career out of her beliefs regarding the beauty industry, and it’s worked out pretty well for her. Ashley has a collaborative line with Swimsuits for All, which debuted in 2015, and it all began because she believed there was a lack of inclusivity of bathing suits for women.

“I didn’t have sexy, supportive lingerie that I could find for my size. And same goes with bikinis, I wanted little tiny string bikinis and nobody wanted to make them for my curvy-ass body, so I did it!” she told Vogue in March 2019. What a boss move!