Oh, Ashley Graham, you’re truly one of a kind! On Monday, September 30, the pregnant model, 31, took to her Instagram Story to share some behind-the-scenes footage of her daily workout routine. However, instead of explaining what her go-to exercises are, Ashley decided to make some comical observations about her changing body.

“My boobs have never looked so tiny … ever!” Ashley blurted out, adding, “They’ve never looked this tiny in my life. Thank you to my stomach.” In the background, Ashley’s personal trainer seemingly tried to object, but the mama-to-be wasn’t having it. “Hello, small titties!” she hilariously exclaimed in the second clip.

As it happens, this is the sort of thing that Ashley has been doing on social media since she and husband Justin Ervin announced that they’re expecting in August. From discussing her odd cravings to flaunting her stretch marks, Ashley isn’t afraid to get real about her journey toward motherhood.

A pregnant Ashley Graham in a bikini posing with husband Justin Ervin
Courtesy of Ashley Graham/Instagram

“Ashley’s showed her fans and the world that being pregnant can be glorious,” an insider revealed to Life & Style exclusively. “She’s not only calm and actually glowing, but she feels sexy. She’s doing yoga, posing on red carpets in gorgeous clothes [and] she’s feeling herself like never before.” As she should!

“Ashley’s feeling very bittersweet about her pregnancy,” the source continued. “She can’t wait to welcome her baby, but she never imagined how much she would embrace her pregnancy. That’s why she says she’s going to miss her baby bump.” Hmmm, well, given her most recent comments about her, er, cup size, perhaps she’s reevaluating that sentiment right about now.

“She’s embraced the self-care — the naps, the massages, just being spoiled by her husband. Ashley heard all these horror stories from girlfriends, and from Googling stories, but her personal experience, besides some weird cravings, has been beautiful,” the insider concluded.

Not to get all mushy-gushy, but it’s been beautiful to watch! We look forward to seeing more hilarious, honest and inspiring pregnancy content from Ashley in the months to come.

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