Nothing says “thank you for giving birth” quite like a grandiose present, right? Right! This is why Ashley Graham’s husband, Justin Ervin, made sure he got his expecting ladylove the best of the best.

“Ashley’s husband was the one that came to me and was like ‘Hey, I want to design something beautiful for Ashley for a push present,’” George Khalife a.k.a. George the Jeweler exclusively told Life & Style. “So, I really got to know him … I consider him a close friend now.”

Beyond George’s relationship with Justin, 31, he also spoke about what it was like to work with Ashley. “She’s a great friend,” he gushed. “Ashley’s the sweetest, genuine person in the world. She’s so reasonable and so easy going. Yeah, I really, really love her. She’s a great client.”

“She’s going to be such a good mom,” George added. “She’s just such a pure-hearted, genuine woman.” Of course, we 100 percent agree with George’s musings on Ashley. After all, the longtime model, 32, has been incredibly honest throughout her journey toward motherhood. 

During a November 15 episode of Ashley’s online video series, Fearless, the body positivity advocate shared the deeply emotional backstory behind her first-ever naked, pregnant selfie. “I had just announced that I was pregnant and I thought I was [going to] feel good … and I didn’t. I just felt terrible,” Ashley told guest Taylor Hoit, while holding back tears. 

Ashley Graham Snaps a Nude Pregnancy Photo With Her Stretch Marks on Display
Courtesy of Ashley Graham/Instagram

“That morning actually, I really thought to myself, ‘Get it together, Ashley. There are other women out there who are going through the same thing as you,’” she recalled. “‘Why don’t you have a dialogue with them? This is a new body that I’m walking into. Why don’t I just put myself out there with this new body?’”

Since then, Ashley has continued to put herself out there … and then some! We look forward to finally meeting her bundle of joy in the weeks to come, as well as getting a glimpse of her stunning push present!

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