Plastic Surgery? Watch Aubrey O’Day’s Face and Body Transform Over Time

It’s no surprise that Aubrey O’Day has changed a lot over the years. She was only 21 when she first hit the scene back in 2005 as a member of Diddy‘s new girl group, Danity Kane, but now she’s making headlines for her looks. But despite her changing features, in the past, the reality star has denied going under the knife. At age 35, Aubrey doesn’t just look like she’s grown up from when she first graced our TV screens — she looks like an almost entirely new person. A lot of that is probably the way she dresses and does her makeup, but if you take a closer look, it seems like it could be plastic surgery.

In 2011, she talked with Celebuzz basically alluding to the fact that she hasn’t had any work done. “My makeup — how much or how little I have on — is constantly affecting the way people see me in regards to everybody thinking I’ve had plastic surgery,” she said. She did admit to looking pretty different from how she used to, though. “Sometimes I’ll look at pictures and think that maybe I don’t look like myself there,” she said in the same interview. “My eyes [do] look different or my lips look really big … It could’ve been a lip plumper, or a bad makeup artist, too much makeup, too little makeup; whatever it may be.”

Aubrey’s kept rather busy on Instagram, too, and her pics are fueling these plastic surgery rumors even more. Her feed is full of photo shoots and fashion shots — all featuring a body that’s basically unrecognizable as the young star we met over a decade ago. Despite her denials, it’s hard to imagine that all those changes happened naturally — and even if that interview were true at the time, things may have changed in the seven years since. After all, Aubrey wouldn’t be the first celeb to deny going under the knife (or needle) and then ‘fess up years later. Kylie Jenner, for example, used to deny that she had lip fillers. (And we bet Kylie will admit to even more as time goes by).

It’s also no secret Aubrey’s struggled with body image since stepping into the public eye. “Everybody at some point and to some degree wants to be appreciated and accepted by others,” she admitted to Celebuzz. “It’s an ongoing process. I don’t think that there’s ever a quick fix to completely loving yourself in any phase.” For Aubrey, it seems like loving her body might’ve meant changing it. Check out the gallery below to see Aubrey’s transformation over the years.

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