This dad-to-be is not here for social media trolls! Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. shared a few photos of a recent hike he took with one of his friends on Instagram. Apparently, some people think he lives a far too adventurous life for his own good. The racecar driver had the perfect response to someone who called him out for having a “death wish.”

“Girls did a spa day we found the most dangerous hike possible,” the 37-year-old jokingly captioned a series of photos that showed him and his buddy standing on various cliffs on a sunny day.

Arie Luyendyk claps back at fan on Twitter

Someone thought his outdoorsy behavior was inappropriate and decided to say something. “Irresponsible and immature. Exactly how he [portrays] himself each time. Or perhaps he has a death wish,” the user wrote. Obviously, the reality star didn’t quite see what the big deal was and clapped back, “I’m just hiking let me live my life!”

The former reality star seems to be enjoying life immensely. He and his wife, Lauren Burnham, are expecting their first child together at the beginning of May and seem over-the-moon excited about the next chapter of their lives.


This isn’t the first time the reality couple had to tell someone off on social media. Recently, Arie posted a photo promoting his real estate business and a follower commented, “Hopefully if you have a daughter, you teach her how to avoid getting involved with men like you.” The blonde beauty fired back on behalf of hubby, “We are having a daughter and she is lucky to have him as her father. If you want to talk crap, go elsewhere.” Tell ’em, girl!

Despite what any internet haters say, these two are living their best lives and are ready for their family of three.

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