Life & Style has learned the Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., not only falls hard for multiple contestants — he tells both finalists he loves them. At a recent event, Life & Style asked the Bachelor himself if he’d fallen for more than one woman this season. Arie confessed, “I did,” before going on to explain, “I just wanted to make sure that I gave everyone an open opportunity to show themselves to me.”

But what really happened was far more dramatic than Arie’s letting on, Life & Style has exclusively learned. “He literally had no idea who he was going to pick until the final day,” an insider reveals.

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He told each of the two finalists that he loved her, leading each to believe she was his clear favorite, the insider tells Life & Style. “He didn’t think that the decision was going to be as hard as it became,” the insider adds, “but he kept going back and forth until the producers finally told him that he had to choose.”

Arie did ultimately choose between the two finalists, getting down on one knee and proposing on the finale. “The final girls watching the show are going to be upset at the way he treated each of them,” says the insider. “He made it really seem like he was going to pick each of them.”

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