If there is one word to describe Lauren Burnham on this season of The Bachelor, it would definitely be boring. The blonde beauty barely opened up on her back-to-back dates with Arie Luyendyk Jr. — and fans were confused when the former race car driver dropped the L bomb on their one-on-one.

However, on next week’s episode, Bachelor producer Rob Mills reveals that viewers will get to know more about the shy Virginia Beach native — including the fact that she has not one, but two ex-fiancés. “We will find out on her hometown… she’s actually been engaged twice,” Rob said on the Bachelor Party podcast. Previously, Lauren opened up about her engagement to her high school sweetheart, and it was recently reported that she was also set to marry hockey player Chris Crane. According to Reality Steve, the couple split in 2016 and did not end on good terms.

Rob went on to provide more behind-the-scenes secrets about Lauren and Arie’s relationship, including why he felt Arie decided to tell her about his ex-girlfriend’s miscarriage. “That’s what was so interesting. He chose Lauren to tell that story to, not Chelsea [Roy]. That would be the person to tell it to, the single mom. No, he tells Lauren,” he added. “It was like, let me tell you the darkest, most personal story that’s ever happened to me just to pull something out of you. It was mildly successful.”

So, how does Bachelor Nation really feel about Lauren B.? According to social media, many believe Arie is smitten with her because of her resemblance to former Bachelorette Emily Maynard — you know, the girl who broke Arie’s heart five years ago.

“Someone said Arie is so hung up on Lauren B because she looks like Emily and I’m so shook right now,” one fan tweeted before another added, “Honestly the torch Arie is holding for Emily is embarrassing at this point. Especially since there were so many other blondes with great jaw structures he could’ve kept around instead of Lauren B. This is nonsense.”

If you can’t wait to see if Lauren gets Arie’s final rose, you can read our spoilers here about who Arie picks as the winner — but click at your own risk! Also be sure to join our Bachelor Facebook group to chat about all the latest updates, exclusive interviews, and juicy gossip!