Though she was recently sent home on The Bachelor, Chelsea Roy garnered the sympathy of Arie Luyendyk Jr. and millions of viewers when she opened up about her life as a single mom. But a source tells In Touch that the story she shared — about how her former fiancé, Michael Wilson, left her for another woman when their son was just six months old — isn’t exactly true.

“Michael was furious after watching,” says the source. “She claimed he left her with nothing but all her belongings in garbage bags. The truth is, he bought back her engagement ring for $20,000, got her a car, paid her rent for six months, and furnished her whole apartment.” Furthermore, says the source, Chelsea wasn’t cheated on, as she claimed on the show. “Michael started dating his current wife four or five months after he and Chelsea split. It wasn’t an affair.”


Chelsea, who was eliminated from The Bachelor on Feb. 5, may have had ulterior motives for going on the show. “She went on to get more Instagram followers,” claims the source. “She thinks she’s going to become a public figure.”

Finally, Chelsea was never interested in Arie — because she has a boyfriend! “She was dating him throughout the show. Her whole family is appalled by this,” the source says.

Chelsea took to Instagram just a day after being kicked off the dating competition, sharing a photo of herself with the caption, “The show must go on! THANK YOU to each and every person who supported me along this journey. This is only the beginning of something beautiful … #aurevoir.”

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