In an emotional one-on-one date on The Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr. opened up to Lauren Burnham — and dropped the bombshell that his ex-girlfriend suffered a miscarriage before his return to the reality dating competition.

However, his ex, Cassie Harshman, opened up to Life & Style and exclusively revealed that his side of the story was wrong. “He was with me in the doctor’s office when we found out about the miscarriage,” Cassie, who got pregnant with Arie’s baby seven years ago, said. “It didn’t happen at all the way he portrayed it. At all!”

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During a one-on-one date in Paris, Arie, 36, told Lauren that his ex-girlfriend suffered a miscarriage and he got the devastating news while he was traveling for work. Arie went on to share how he got a call from his ex, who told him, “I lost the baby and when you get home I won’t be there.” Again, Cassie claims that this was not true and they were together long after the loss. “The miscarriage was the beginning of the end,” she added, “but it was a long breakup.”

To make matters worse, Cassie explained how she was horrified he would bring up something she hadn’t shared with her closest family and friends on national television without her consent. “It wasn’t his story to tell,” she confided to Life & Style. “It’s so disrespectful. It’s very painful to see one of the worst experiences of my life played out on TV.”

She continued, “That he would use this while cameras are rolling, with someone he barely knows, to garner sympathy, is just really sad. I never even told my dad about the miscarriage. I have a lot of friends and family that didn’t know, and The Bachelor is how they’re finding out. It sucks.”

Arie went on to give Lauren B. the date rose following the heartbreaking (albeit misleading) story — and now fans are rooting for the Virginia native in the highly anticipated finale against Becca Kufrin. If you can’t wait to see who Arie picks on The Bachelor, don’t worry, we have you covered. In the meantime, be sure to follow our Bachelor Facebook group for the latest news and updates.