If you ever wondered how former Bachelor contestant Cassie Randolph maintains her gorgeous looks, it’s a healthy diet, balanced lifestyle and a few cosmetic tweaks here and there. The girlfriend of Colton Underwood got very candid about getting lip fillers and Botox during an Instagram Q & A and we can’t help but praise her openness.

The 24-year-old was asked by a fan on Thursday, June, 6 if fillers were behind her full pout and she surprisingly gave an honest answer. “So, yes, I have gotten lip filler before, but I try to keep it as natural as possible,” the California native confirmed. She also added later in the video, “I have gotten a little Botox in my forehead.” It was a refreshing response considering so many people keep their procedures hush-hush.

However, she keeps it natural and to a minimum. “I’ve had people ask me if I’ve gotten jaw reshaping, cheek implants, chin something, nose, eyebrow lift — I don’t know. The answer is no. I have not gotten any of those things,” the blonde beauty confessed. Cassie is absolutely stunning, but a big part of that is clearly genetics (womp, womp). “So, I hope that clears up any of that. I’ve also always had very prominent cheekbones, so, that’s probably why people think that,” she said.

At the end of the day, the reality starlet wants to encourage fans to feel good in their own skin. She continued, “I think that your face is your face and you should do whatever makes you happy. I think we, a lot of times, don’t know why people do certain things that they do and so it’s not our place to judge.”

Cassie Randolph botox lip filler plastic surgery instagram story message about judging
Courtesy of Cassie Randolph Instagram

After her revelation, Cassie posted a typed message that read, “This is a tough topic because a lot of people have very strong opinions on it.” She divulged that it doesn’t bother her at all to share details about her cosmetic procedures. “Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a very open book on this stuff, but, bottom line, I think we need to be careful when making assumptions about other people.” It sounds like the Bachelor Nation babe has been receiving judgment from trolls because she concluded, “You may be surprised how often you are wrong.”

We think Cassie looks amazing and her honesty is so refreshing!