We love Corinne Olympios because we know she’s not afraid to spill tea. The former Bachelor star stopped by our office and totally threw shade at Krystal Nielson and that voice of her’s — and said what we’re all thinking: Arie Luyendyk Jr. is BORING. The 26-year-old took part in the most dramatic round of tea time to ever hit Bachelor Nation. OK, maybe we’re channeling our inner Chris Harrison here, but she didn’t shy away from answering any of the surprise questions in our game. Watch the video above to get all the hot gossip Corinne completely spilled! And in case you want some more tidbits about the tea she serves up…

Sure, Corinne doesn’t like Nick Viall — but she hates Taylor Nolan way more.

Just how much more? Well, she makes it pretty obvious in our game of “Would You Rather.” Let’s just say, she’s willing to get in between the sheets with Nick if it means staying far, far away from her worst enemy and Derek Peth’s fiancée.

She has no qualms about prank calling DeMario Jackson, on camera none-the-less.

After all the DeMario drama that went on during Bachelor in Paradise, it is nice to know they actually are friends. So of course, we had to have her call her boy up and tell him she’s the next Bachelorette. And well, you’ll see how it all goes down for her!

She has a Bachelor crush and no, it’s not Peter Kraus.

During a round of “Truth or Dare,” Corinne decides to play it her way and ends up doing both a truth and a dare. Her “truth” centers around her Bachelor crush — and TBH, we didn’t see it coming. She also gives her thoughts about the human Ken-doll that is Robby Hayes in the form of a hilarious and spot-on impression. Hint: she’s so not into that whole “I’m an influencer” vibe he has going on.

She thinks Arie is boring AF, and like, same.

During a rapid-fire round, Corinne is asked to describe former Bachelor contestants in just one word. She gives her thoughts on Nick, Taylor, DeMario, Vanessa Grimaldi (that one made us LOL), and yes, even Arie. Let’s just say, she’s just as unimpressed with him as we are.

And in true Corinne fashion, her facial expressions were on point.

corinne spills bachelor tea

LOL. Only, Corinne!