Maybe this was a sign that they weren’t meant to last? Bachelor in Paradise star Amanda Stanton is telling everyone how she really feels about her ex-fiancé Josh Murray after their split. During a recent podcast interview with Reality Steve, the blonde beauty opened up about how her relationship with Josh went sour so fast.

According to Amanda, the biggest mistake she made was letting Josh move in with her and her kids so soon after BIP Season 3 wrapped in the summer of 2016. “Looking back now, it was a huge mistake. I think that was something that made the breakup a million times harder because my kids were involved,” the mom-of-two — who shares daughters Kinsley and Charlie with ex Nick Buonfiglio — said. “Yeah, it was a huge mistake, public mistake that I felt like everyone was judging me on. Which is really tough, but I kind of learned to forgive myself for it. Everyone makes mistakes. I learned a lot from it. If I could go back, I definitely wouldn’t have him move in so soon.”

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Asked what she could have done better in their relationship, Amanda admitted that she should have had Josh’s back when he was painted as the villain of BIP’s third season. “I think he really struggled with being the villain of our season and I could have been a little more supportive and defending him as a fiancé,” she said. “You know, I think that was something that he didn’t like.”

Still, Amanda said that she knew her and Josh’s differing social lives would eventually cause their romance to crumble. “I had my friends come over all the time and play with the kids and he just didn’t really like that. I don’t know. He just wanted it to be us all the time. Which is great, there is nothing wrong with that, but I’m just more of a social person,” she shared. “I like having my friends over, my sister come over, and I talk to my friends every day, and I just think he didn’t really like it.”

On a lighter note, Amanda also suggested that Josh’s excessive sweating on BIP was also a problem for her during a June interview with The Morning Breath. “I don’t know,” she said. “I mean, it is really hot there — I don’t really sweat at all and I would get a little bit sweaty there — but I think it was like a health condition.”

One host brought up that the 33-year-old was extra sweaty during rose ceremonies when he would sweat through his shirts — and Amanda definitely noticed that too, and she got extremely candid about what was going through her head during the final rose ceremony where Josh proposed to her. “I remember at the end, I was trying — like I was really happy, but he would like, hug me and I was kind of grossed out,” she continued. “His shirt was soaking wet.”

But Amanda must not have been too grossed out by him because she said yes. The couple seemed like they were happy and in love after they left paradise, but their relationship couldn’t stand the test of time. Just three months later, they broke up and called off their engagement and Amanda returned to film Season 4 of BiP — giving herself a second chance at finding love in paradise.

“I did fall in love with Josh last summer and we got engaged, but it didn’t work out,” she said in her confessional. She gave Chris Harrison the Neil Lane ring that Josh presented her with when he proposed during the Season 3 finale, and she explained that she’s ready to have a fresh start in paradise. “Nobody should give up, and that’s why I’m here again — I’m giving it another shot.”

But even though she’s ready to forget Josh, she couldn’t help but throw some shade at her ex. “With Josh and I, there were so many things that were great,” Amanda explained, “but there was just something that felt a little bit off — he’s a sweaty person.” Yikes!

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