Fans of Amanda Stanton weren’t expecting her to return to Bachelor in Paradise so soon after her breakup from Josh Murray — and it looks like her ex-husband was just as caught off guard by the announcement.

In a heated Facebook conversation, first posted on Reddit, Nick Buonfiglio, who shares daughters Charlie and Kinsley with the reality star, revealed he is over Amanda’s desperate attempts for fame.

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“Sick and tired of people thinking she’s a mom who actually cares about their well-being,” he wrote. “This was the last straw. She deserves to be shown as the immature mother she is. She cares more about what she looks like [than] the well-being of her own children.”

Last year, Nick also revealed he was upset Amanda, 27, continued appearing on the reality dating competition instead of helping to raise their young girls.

“Before Bachelor in Paradise, they had never been to daycare,” Nick told Life & Style exclusively. “Then, as soon as she comes back… they’re in daycare full-time.”

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The couple divorced in June, just three months before Amanda started filming The Bachelor in 2016 and when Amanda told Nick she’d be competing for Ben Higgins’s love, “it was a hard pill to swallow,” he told Life & Style.

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Nick claims that their relationship fell apart because they married too young and didn’t communicate well, but he also wasn’t equipped to deal with Amanda’s high-strung side.

“She tends to get stressed out pretty easily,” Nick said. “She can get high anxiety. When we were together, she got very frantic sometimes.”

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Nick’s advice to Ben at the time? “The best thing to do is just stay calm, cool and levelheaded with her,” he reveals. “I wasn’t able to do that as much as I should’ve. She likes to talk, so just have an open ear.”

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Amanda with Josh Murray.

Amanda has defended her decision to find love on camera in the past, tweeting, “Am I the first mother to ever leave their kids for 3 weeks?! I’m so confused why so many people are outraged over this.”

She continued, “Are moms who leave their kids to go to work for 40 hours a week bad moms too…?”

Her BFF and former Bachelor contestant Lauren Bushnell also backed her up on the social media platform, writing, “Kids, never leave ur own kids for 2 many days, but do bully the s–t out of other ppl on Twitter.”

As for Nick, despite the tension, he has confessed, “I will always have a place for her in my heart.”

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