At least she tried! There is a whole big mess of drama going on between Jennifer Williams and pretty much the rest of VH1’s Basketball Wives cast — and things almost went down at Jackie Christie‘s PSA launch party. Now, an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Jackie opened up about what she was hoping to accomplish by inviting Jen and the rest of the ladies to the same event even though they weren’t getting along — and she even revealed what she thinks Jen can do in order to smooth things over with everyone.

“I’ve always been like, a matriarch of the show and just being able to mentor these women, I felt like I really want to help these ladies find peace,” Jackie exclusively revealed to Life & Style. “We live in really tough times and I don’t want us to be fighting amongst each other, I wanted to bring unity if I can. I know we’re gonna have ups and downs, I know there’s gonna be differences between some or all of the ladies here and there, but for the most part, I wanted to try to see what I could do to help at least bridge the gap.”

All of the drama started when the ladies were on a cast retreat earlier this season and Tami Roman brought up the nasty rumor that Jen was spreading about her friend Evelyn Lozada. Jen claimed that she heard Evelyn had slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex-boyfriend Marlon Yates Jr. — and even though Evelyn vehemently denied it, damage had been done and everyone was still upset at Jen for saying such a hurtful thing.

Jackie thought that by bringing everyone together for the launch of her police violence awareness PSA, that they would be able to put their differences aside and stand united for a good cause. But Jackie’s plan backfired on her, and things almost got physical between Jen and Tami — and Jackie isn’t sure that Jen can come back from this.

“Jennifer is caught up in a conundrum, I mean everyone is pretty much at odds with her and this is really bad — even Shaunie. Shaunie usually doesn’t get in the middle of the mess, but the rumor that is out there involves Shaunie and her family, which was very hurtful,” Jackie said. “So I don’t know that she can repair it with Shaunie. Shaunie’s already moving on, she’s letting it go but she’s not gonna forget, and now she knows how to deal with Jennifer going forward.”

“As far as her situation with Tami, I don’t want to speak for Tami but I don’t know that [it can happen] right now,” Jackie continued. “That’s probably something in the future, later on — it’s so much with the girls. I think starting with an apology and really being vulnerable and opening herself up to whatever response she gets is the only thing that’s gonna help [Jen] at this point.”

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