Such an amazing moment. Malaysia Pargo has been very open in the past about the death of her younger brother Dantae Hayes, who died at just 20 years old after he was fatally shot by a police officer in Riverside, CA back in 2014. Now, Malaysia is still harboring a fear of police officers after what happened to her brother, and she bravely overcame her fear during a recent episode of Basketball Wives.

Malaysia’s friend and co-star Jackie Christie suggested that Malaysia should meet with an officer to have a conversation with them so that she could try to get over her fear, and Malaysia agreed. She reached out to Officer Norman, a policeman from Arkansas who is popular on social media because of his involvement with his community, and she opened up to him. 

“Whenever I see officers in uniform, I lose my breath and it just kind of reminds me that my brother is not here anymore,” Malaysia told the officer. “I ultimately don’t want to carry this fear or this hatred in my heart, and I definitely don’t want to put that energy off on my children.”

Officer Norman apologized to Malaysia for what happened to her brother, and he offered some advice as to how police officers can regain trust from the people who live in the communities in which they serve.  

“It all goes back to police officers knowing the community members and building that trust and respect to where that officer is not scared of you and you’re not scared of that police officer,” Officer Norman said. “And it takes a lot of work.” 

He said in the beginning of his 20-year career, he noticed that whenever he turned his police car down a street, kids’ first instincts were to run home. But Officer Norman said he decided to pull over and knock on the door and ask why the kids ran, and their mother said it was because they were scared. He said he talked with them and now he considers those kids friends.

“I really feel like Norman helped a lot,” Malaysia said. “And though I can’t bring my brother back, I want to make sure that no one feels like this again and his death doesn’t go in vain.”