There’s a new face in Los Angeles! While Feby Torres might be a newcomer to the season 8 cast of Basketball Wives, she’s not new to the crew — Feby is close with OG cast member Evelyn Lozada! In Life & Style‘s exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode, Evelyn Lozada invited Shaunie O’Neal to come with her to one of Feby’s studio sessions where the ladies enjoyed some girl talk.

“She told me she was going to be in the studio today,” Evelyn told her pal, Shaunie O’Neal in the clip. “Oh, she sings?” Shaunie asked.

“No, she raps! She’s like a Cardi B,” Evelyn gushed. “She’s very New York. She has no filter. She got me beat.”

“I’ve been so stressed out trying to find somewhere to move, looking for a house. So Evelyn calls and says, ‘Hey, you want to go see Feby in the city?’ I’m like, ‘Hell yes! I think that’ll be fun!'” Shaunie revealed in her confessional.

And Shaunie was in for a treat, because she got to see what Feby does in the booth. In her confessional, the aspiring hip hop artist explained why she decided to relocate to the West Coast.

“I want everybody to hear my music. That’s why I came to L.A. cause I wanted to expand my horizons. I want to be somebody. Yes, I’m mom, but I can’t tell my kids to follow they dreams and I’m not doing nothing with mine,” Feby said.

And now that she’s in L.A., she’s making sure she links up with some boss ladies. “I admire Shaunie and Evelyn because they didn’t just sit on they ass and just wait for a man to give them something. They have accomplished so much — television shows, businesses, clothing lines. It’s so much that I can’t even count! That’s the type of s–t I’m trying to do,” Feby said.

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During a break from her studio session, Feby, Evelyn and Shaunie had some girl chat and Feby explained to them that while she is single, she’s not looking for love at the moment after her split from her famous ex, NBA star Lance Stephenson.

“I came out to like get my hands into my music, I’m not about to waste my talent sitting around trying to live off somebody. I need something for myself. I’m just thankful that I have people around me that are doing things with their lives to motivate me — cause I can’t be the bum bitch of the group,” Feby joked. “That’s not gon’ happen.”

Basketball Wives airs on VH1 Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET.