Calling all Bachelorette fans! Becca Kufrin and her hubby-to-be, Garrett Yrigoyen opened up about their plans for their future wedding. The lovebirds have been busy traveling around the country since the finale aired this past August, but don’t worry; they’re going to make time for their nuptials… eventually!

While Becca and Garrett were in Atlantic City recently, the former Bachelorette opened up about their future wedding plans in an interview. She said, “I’ve always pictured it to be at a vineyard just because I love wine and they’re so beautiful so I think – we’ve talked about maybe doing it on a vineyard maybe in California.”

So, who can we expect to be on the guest list? Becca said, “I would love a lot of the girls from my season. I’m so close with Caroline and Tia and Chelsea and Bekah and Kendall, so I would love to have those girls there because they knew me since the beginning of this, to have them on. And even some guys from my season like Garrett is still close with some of the guys. We still stay in touch with some of them, and they’ve been so supportive and great and fun to catch up with.” Sounds like a fun wedding!

The couple “has been living out of a suitcase right now,” but they hope to find a hometown somewhere soon. The reality star said, “I really want to settle down, figure out where we’re going to put down roots, and then I have all these crazy ideas. I want to start a book, I want to start a robe/slipper line – all this fun stuff, so we just have to sit down and really start planning it all out.”

As much as we hope their wedding will happen in the near future, it sounds like the two are still enjoying their engagement. Becca told Us Weekly in September, “Just being normal has been wonderful. We were just so ready for the show to be done airing where we could finally be out in public. We really are still getting to know each other.” Well, in the meantime we will be over here waiting for our wedding invite.

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