Here we go again! Becca Kufrin ended The Bachelorette with another engagement ring on her finger after getting engaged to Garrett Yrigoyen on the finale… let’s hope this one sticks! We compare Garrett’s ring to the one she got from Arie Luyendyk Jr, find out how much the diamond-encrusted Neil Lane jewelry is worth, who pays for it, how many carats it is, and answer the rest of your ring-related questions below! 

Garrett gave Becca a beautiful three-diamond ring.

While many fans were disappointed that Becca chose Garrett over Blake Horstmann, they can’t deny that the ring is gorgeous. It has three stunning diamonds on top, to represent the past, present, and future of their relationship, and also has diamonds set in the gold circumference of the ring. Best believe, it cost a pretty penny.

“My professional estimate of the cost of Becca’s stunning 18k yellow gold diamond ring is $40k to $60k,” said celebrity jeweler George Khalife AKA George the Jeweler. “Given that it’s a Neil Lane, it’s going to cost at least 50 percent more just because it’s a designer. I would say depending on the quality at least $40k to $60k retail, but given that it’s Neil Lane, it  could be $100k!” 

But how big is the sparkler, exactly? “I would say the center stone is about three carats,” says Khalife. “From the ratio of the center to the side stones they look to be approximately one carat each. The smaller diamonds going down the band look about 0.10 carat each and about 0.01 – 0.02 carats. If you add all the diamonds together I would say about six to six and a half carats total.”Now that’s ring goals!

The ring isn’t just beautiful, though, it’s also totally trendy right now. According to Kathryn Money, VP, Strategy and Merchandising at Brilliant Earth, Becca’s new ring looks similar to what we’ve seen other celebs rockin’ on their left hand. “Becca’s ring is on-trend, featuring various elements we’ve been seeing lately in the marketplace,” she said. “Three-stone styles, yellow gold settings (Meghan Markle‘s gorgeous ring is a three-stone set in yellow gold) and oval shaped diamonds (growing 4x faster than traditional round diamonds — check out Hailey Baldwin‘s sparkler, for example).” We can’t help but be a bit jealous! 


The ring Garrett chose for Becca (Credit: Twitter)

But Garrett didn’t pay for the ring. 

As a matter of fact, none of the contestants ever pay for rings. Neil Lane is the longtime engagement ring sponsor of the show, and though it’s unclear if he provides the ring free of charge (hey, free advertisement!) or if ABC compensates him for the bling, but the contestants don’t pay a dime. 

Season 4 winner Jesse Csinczak once explained the process to Enstarz, saying, “One morning, you wake up, and they take you to a room with a bunch of engagement rings. You’re like, ‘Holy crap! I can’t afford a $60,000 wedding ring.’ Producers are like, ‘Just pick one. You don’t have to pay,’ and so you do. Then you leave, go outside, and throw up.”

What about the ring Becca got from Arie?

Sadly, Becca didn’t get to keep it. “The ring looks to be about three carats, and I would estimate the cost to be around $70,000,” engagement ring expert Khalife told Life & Style after the Bachelor finale. Unfortunately, according to Amy Kaufman’s new book, Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure, contestants have to stay engaged for two years following After The Final Rose in order to keep the ring. So don’t worry, she doesn’t have Arie’s ring rattling around in her sock drawer or anything. That seems like bad luck, anyway.

“And if you make it to the end of The Bachelor and decide to get married within the two years following the show, the producers own the exclusive rights to your wedding,” she wrote. “If they exercise those rights, they’re only going to pay you $10,000 per hour of televised programming about your union. As for the ring given to you by Neil Lane? You don’t own it — and therefore can’t sell it — for two years.” Let’s hope she gets to keep this one!

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