Does Bekah Martinez have yet another secret? On Sept. 12, she shockingly admitted to fans that she’s expecting her first baby with boyfriend Grayston Leonard. But now fans are looking back at some of her recent posts, and wondering if she secretly got married to her baby daddy as well!

She recently attended a wedding

Two weeks ago, Bekah and her man shared several Instagram Stories getting ready for a wedding. They made flower crowns together, showed off the cannabis bar at the event, and took plenty of cute snaps. While Bekah insisted it was a friend’s wedding, Grayston’s captions of photos from the day are a bit confusing. 

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Stuck with this beach

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“Stuck with this beach,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself kissing Bekah while she wears a white dress on the beach on Sept. 3. Then, a few days later, he posted another and wrote, “After 48 hours of marriage, I am foregoing a life with Rebekah for an annulment. She’s not happy about it.” Obviously he’s joking, but it was enough to set fans off. 

“They’re also married?!” said one fan. Another was equally shook, writing, “AND SHES MARRIED?!? WHAT THE BACH IS GOING ON?!”

But she says they have no plans to wed

Following her big pregnancy reveal, Bekah assured fans she’s NOT in a rush to get down the aisle. When asked if she had plans to tie the knot, she told PureWow, “It’s a horrible idea for us to consider with all of the hormones and the stress we’re experiencing. The last thing we need is to consider another commitment on top of what we’re already going through… Regardless, we’re bound together by sharing this little life.” 

And we haven’t spotted a ring

Oftentimes, the first big telltale sign of a wedding is a slip-up while trying to hide the ring. People accidentally post it on Instagram or are spotted out and about wearing a sparkler. Well, we haven’t caught even the tiniest glimpse of an engagement ring on Bekah’s hand. 

Bekah admits she’s willing to lie to protect her family, though

bekah martinez lying

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After announcing her pregnancy, Bekah took to Instagram Stories to apologize for lying to her friends about her pregnancy. “I was very uncomfortable with the idea of this life-changing news being shared with others before I was ready,” she explained of her “blatant lie.” So perhaps it isn’t impossible that she’s lying about her marriage too, but something tells us she’s happy to be able to be honest right now, so we doubt she’s hiding anything else. 

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