No one at NBC wants Kelly Clarkson to play that funky music — insiders are complaining the smell from her bare feet is making them want to walk away.

“Kelly’s barefoot habit has become a hot topic behind the scenes,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “It’s not just about hygiene, it’s about maintaining a certain image. You wouldn’t catch anyone else flaunting bare feet inside NBC — but she gets away with it!”

The 42-year-old talk show host has taken to airing her toes and even performing barefoot — and sources say folks who have to work with her are crying foul.

kelly clarkson
Peter Kramer/Getty Images

“Kelly’s all about creating a laid-back, comfortable vibe for her audience,” shares an insider familiar with the Grammy Award winner’s love of letting her dogs run free. “She wants viewers to feel at home, like they can just kick off their own shoes and relax along with her.”

Despite growing concerns, NBC insiders clarify Kelly’s barefoot adventures are strictly confined to the set.

“Let’s not get carried away here,” says a source. “She’s not traipsing around the entire building without shoes — but there’s definitely tension brewing over this. The clash between professionalism and casual comfort is real!”