The tea is scalding hot, y’all! On January 15, Bekah Martinez took to her podcast, “Chatty Broads with Bekah and Jess,” to discuss all things Bachelor Nation. In addition to touching upon the “cougar den,” Colton Underwood’s nipples and awkward one-on-one dates, the 23-year-old also revealed that the beloved Bachelor mansion is actually, er, vile AF. 

“The Bachelor mansion is a facade, and it’s a garbage mansion,” the soon-to-be mama confessed. “The pool had not been cleaned in months, it was really gross. I was still swimming in it, but it was not very clean. The dishwasher was broken, all the laundry stuff was broken. You’re sleeping on these really rickety bunk beds. A couple girls fell off in the middle of the night … I think we’re all just grown adults who aren’t used to sleeping in twin beds.”

The Bachelor Mansion shot from the outside at night
Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Yikes. Finding true love is great and all, but at what cost? We’d take a queen size bed and a working dishwasher over the chance to snag Colton’s virginity any day. #SorryNotSorry. “I was very happy to get out of there, personally,” Bekah continued. ” I did not like it. The mattresses on these bunk beds are like foam camp mattresses that have, like, the vinyl over them. It’s horrible. You have to do all your own dishes and cook for yourself.”

OK, we 100 percent agree with Bekah on the mattress front. However, having to do your own dishes and cook for yourself hardly seems like a punishment. Not any more of a punishment than competing for one man’s love in a group of 30 women, anyway. TBH, we really wonder what Chris Harrison would have to say about Bekah’s claims. Then again, he’s not the one sleeping in a twin, so we doubt he cares.

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