When the Season 4 cast of Bachelor in Paradise was announced, fans were scrambling to remember who some of the contestants are! Although most of the 16 individuals listed are either from Nick's Bachelor season or JoJo's Bachelorette season, viewers might need a refresher on Ben Zorn, who made it to Kaitlyn Bristowe's Top 9.

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We haven't heard much from the 28-year-old fitness coach since he was sent home without a rose in Dublin, Ireland, but the Virginia native appears to be happy and healthy — and more muscly than ever! Scroll down for a look at what he's been up to:

He was originally supposed to appear on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Creator Mike Fleiss had announced Ben as one of the contestants early on, but the exercise guru never ended up in Mexico. No word yet on what made him back out the first time.

He's obsessed with his dog.

Ever since getting a Rottweiler pup named Zeus in February, Ben's Instagram has been filled with pics of the canine. On February 14, the San Jose University alum teased, "Only Valentine I got, only one I need! #puppylove."

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He's partnered with Hello Fresh.

Ben frequently promotes the meal delivery service on social media. "Prepping my lean green steak machine from @HelloFresh tonight," he captioned one post. "Summer is right around the corner and you better believe nothing leads to a great beach body better than eating healthy. You cannot go wrong for less than $10 a meal for fresh ingredients."

He's the founder of Zorn Fitness.

These days, Ben runs his own personal training company. The website reads, "Our plans aren't magic; we promise no miracles… But if you carve out the time, place, and space for fitness in your life today, we will help you crawl, walk, and some day maybe even run every step of the way to your fitness dream."

We hope Ben finds love in Paradise!