Better luck next time, hater! On Tuesday, April 1, Danielle Bregoli (a.k.a. Bhad Bhabie) took to Instagram to share a stunning new photo promoting her makeup collaboration with CopyCat Beauty. “Four brand new palettes available now at [CopyCat Beauty]. Go grab ‘em, bich,” the “Bestie” rapper, 16, captioned the post.

While plenty of fans showed Danielle love, a few trolls accused the influencer of editing her photo. “Bro, she’s SO photoshopped,” one user commented. “Yes, Facetune, come through!” echoed another. One person simply wrote, “photoshop,” and it happened to catch Danielle’s attention. “Yeah, photographer went IN,” the redheaded beauty clapped back.

Danielle Bregoli
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Spotify

You tell’ em, girl! To be honest, we sincerely doubt that Danielle cares about the negativity. After all, her collab with CopyCat was quite lucrative — $900,000 worth, to be exact. Beyond that, she’s always had a passion for makeup and is proud of the products she’s promoting.

“When I was younger, I loved makeup so much, and then as I got older, I just kind of drifted away from it, but then as I am getting older again and I have a little bit of money, I could get, like, more expensive brands, I noticed that I love using drugstore makeup more than I like using, like, Dior or something like crazy like that,” she told Life & Style.

“So when [CopyCat] approached me and was like ‘OK, we are affordable and it’s the same quality as this other stuff, you know, we are just more affordable.’ I was like, ‘alright cool!’” Danielle detailed. “I am out here spending money on s–t that is literally not that great when usually the drugstore is better. The cheaper and more affordable stuff is always better, honestly. So, I was like, y’all ain’t bulls–tting, so … I will do it with you. Sure, why not?”

Well, we’re so glad she took the leap into the beauty business! Keep killing it, Danielle. We look forward to more achievements and more clapping back in your future.