Sometimes the girl of your dreams is right under your nose! Bachelor in Paradise star Kristian Haggerty revealed she’s dating longtime friend Taylor Blake in late January. The 28-year-old beauty proposed to girlfriend Demi Burnett after a tumultuous turn in Paradise, but the couple split mere months later. Now it seems Kristian’s found her other half.

Kristian Haggerty Dating Taylor Blake

Taylor, who is an actress and comedian, shared a sweet series of photos with Kristian on January 23 with the caption, “Who knew God placed you in my life so many years ago for a reason❤️ So blessed to have you.” At first, fans weren’t sure what to make of the post. But the brunette beauty popped into the comments to clarify. “I hope you two are a couple!” wrote one fan, to which another replied, “they’re not together they’ve just been BFFs since 13 and have an amazing relationship.” “No, we’re together,” Taylor responded with a smiley face. “But yes, we’ve been friends since we were 13.” How cute is that?!

Kristian made it clear that she’s beyond happy their friendship recently turned romantic in a sweet post for Taylor’s 27th birthday on January 16. “To say I’m thankful for you would be an understatement,” she wrote. “There are no words to express how deeply you have touched my soul throughout the years I’ve known you, especially these past few months. You are one of the most genuine, loyal, caring & loving people I have ever met. Thank you for pouring so much love & light into my life & to lives around you. Your love is so powerful. Your love has helped me in more ways than you know. Cheers to you, T & the beautiful person you are. Happy birthday my love ❤️.”

Who Is Kristian Haggerty Dating After Demi Burnett Split

Kristian posted a video with her girlfriend at Freeform’s premiere for The Thing About Harry on February 12, and they looked absolutely smitten. “What are you?” the actress asked after stealing a kiss. “Gay and happy,” Kristian responded, absolutely beaming. “Aren’t those the same thing?”

While Kristian appears to be thrilled with her new relationship, Demi seems to have moved on as well. While she has yet to go public with anything on social media, she has posted some tweets teasing a blossoming relationship. “Me telling my parents I’m talking to a guy with a lot of tattoos: so what y’all think? My parents: he’s so camouflaged we can barely see him,” she tweeted on January 21. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s next for her, but we’re glad Kristian is happy.

Who Is Kristian Haggerty Dating