Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring. In fact, most A-listers are all about finding ways to cultivate healthy recipes without compromising the flavor, including Blac Chyna

In episode four of Life & Style’s exclusive video series At Home With Chyna, the popular model gives viewers a step-by-step guide to making her favorite salad. Here’s what you’ll need to pick up at the grocery store: lemon juice, red onion, feta cheese, multicolored tomatoes, carrots, fresh corn, cucumber, seasonings and whatever dressing you prefer best. 

Blac Chyna Prepares Her Favorite Healthy Easy Salad

“This is super easy,” Chyna assures. “You just basically take your salad, however much you like. I don’t like to put too much because if I don’t finish it, once you put the salad dressing, it kind of gets all soggy and mushy. So just try to be easy with the dressing.”

Next up, fresh veggies. “Carrots are actually really healthy for you, for your vision and all that good stuff. Then I add the cucumber. I like to dice it in fours, just so it’s easier to catch,” Chyna instructs. “Then my favorite, I like to add a lot of corn to mine because I love the way it tastes. It just gives a sweet taste to your salad.”

Blac Chyna Prepares Her Favorite Healthy Easy Salad

After adding her corn, Chyna throws in some onions and tomatoes. “I don’t really put a lot of tomatoes because I’m not a really big tomato fan,” Chyna admits. Remember: You can adjust the recipe to taste, too! As her final touch, the Lashed Cosmetics founder adds a small amount of vegan Caesar salad dressing to bring out the lemony notes.

In Chyna’s words: “Now that’s perfection!”

To see Chyna’s complete salad tutorial, as well as hear cute anecdotes about her children, King Cairo and Dream Kardashian, be sure to check out the full video above.

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