No matter how dedicated to health and fitness you may be, sometimes, getting to the gym can feel impossible. Thankfully, Blac Chyna has cultivated a quick and easy at-home ab workout that will completely revolutionize your core. 

The best part? If you’re a working mom, you won’t have to worry about compromising quality time with your kiddo. For Chyna, her daughter, Dream Kardashian, loves to help her mama get her sweat on. 

In episode two of Life & Style’s exclusive video series At Home With Chyna, the longtime model and reality TV star breaks down her go-to exercises for maintaining a tight tummy all year long.

Blac Chyna's Quick At-Home Ab Workout

Using a medicine ball, Chyna begins with weighted Russian twists. Be warned: The Lashed Cosmetics founder makes them look easy! Essentially, you get into a sit-up position, lift your legs and rotate the weighted ball back and forth.

“If you want to intensify it, you can actually go a little bit further back,” Chyna suggests. Next up, exercise ball leg lifts! While lying flat on your back, place an exercise ball between your legs and lift them straight into the air.

Chyna recommends this move for women who just had a baby to get rid of that “mommy pouch,” since it works the lower part of your abs. If you don’t have a medicine or exercise ball on hand, don’t worry! Chyna does some free-standing exercises as well, including bicycling, planking and side planking. 

Blac Chyna's Quick At-Home Ab Workout

“There are no excuses if you can’t get to the gym. Oh, well! You can do some at-home exercises,” Chyna concludes. To see how she executes her complete ab workout routine (and more cuteness from Dream), be sure to check out the full video above.

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