Watch Blac Chyna At-Home Workout With Daughter Dream Kardashian
Courtesy Rob Kardashian

On top of being a model, influencer and entrepreneur, Blac Chyna is a dedicated mother of two. With that, it can be difficult to find time to hit the gym. Thankfully, Chyna’s daughter, Dream Kardashian, has no problem hanging out with her mama while she gets her sweat on … at home! That’s right, the longtime reality TV star is able to maintain her killer curves from the comfort of her California humble abode. 

In episode one of Life & Style’s exclusive video series At Home With Chyna, the TV personality breaks down the go-to booty workout that keeps her glutes tight and summer-ready all year long. First up, Chyna starts with weighted press-ups.

“So, this move is really easy,” she assured. “You just lie flat on your back and you’re going to raise your body from up off of the floor.” Of course, this exercise requires some sort of medicine ball. Chyna likes to add “more weight” because she’s advanced!

Watch Blac Chyna At-Home Workout With Daughter Dream Kardashian

However, if you’re looking to mimic her routine, baby steps are key. “When you pull up, make sure you squeeze [your butt] and keep your core super tight,” Chyna advised.

Next up, kettle ball squats! “Make sure that your feet are shoulder-length apart and that your knees don’t go above your foot,” the Lashed Cosmetics founder explained and reiterated the importance of squeezing your butt and keeping your core tight.

Watch Blac Chyna At-Home Workout With Daughter Dream Kardashian

If you really want to feel the burn, Chyna suggested going a “little bit slower.” Last but certainly not least, she did some leg lifts. “Make sure you keep your posture straight — as straight as possible — and bring [your leg] as high up as you can,” Chyna detailed.

“And that, my friends, is how you get a booty,” she concluded. To see how Chyna executes her complete workout routine (and more cuteness from Dream), be sure to check out the full video above. 

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