Petty is one thing, but stealing is another. Apparently, Blac Chyna tried to drive off with Rob Kardashian‘s Range Rover. The tempestuous exes were spotted outside Century City law offices where they met to resolve their custody issues over daughter Dream, but the meeting must not have gone according to plan because Chyna was allegedly spotted trying to steal Rob’s car.

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In her defense (not that we’re condoning grand theft auto or anything), she did gift the Range to Rob back when they could still stand each other. In fact, Chyna returned both rides Rob gave her, yet he decided to hold onto his car. According to TMZ, one of her lawyers told her, “That’s not a good idea,” and with the help of a valet, they got her out of the vehicle. Watch the video below for more details!

Chyna has yet to address the criminal allegations and we doubt she will. But Lisa Bloom, one of the lawyers on her team, denied the claims that she attempted to steal the vehicle. Even so, it’s not hard to believe it happened since she and Rob have had such a nasty split. First, there was the custody battle (which they’re still dealing with), then Rob posted revenge porn of Chyna on social media.

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But, if we know Rob (and we definitely do), he won’t let this outrageous act go without some sort of retaliation. He’s already made it quite clear that he’s not interested in taking the high road when it comes to his dealings with Chyna. Although Life & Style previously revealed that he isn’t doing well since the split. “He’s lonely, but he doesn’t want to face the outside world at all,” a source exclusively told the mag. Yikes.