From the beginning of his career, Brad Pitt has had the kind of good looks that could have made him a typical Hollywood poster boy focused more on how many tickets he sells rather than creating interesting characters. But that has not been the case.

"I grew up on certain movies," he related to Backstage, "particular movies that said something to me as a kid from Missouri; movies that showed me places I'd yet traveled, or different cultures, or explained something, or said something in a better way than I could ever say. I wanted to find the movies like that. It was less about a career than finding the films I wanted to see… There are some really amazing people I've been able to hang out with and work with.

"Hollywood," he adds, "gets dubbed this place of extreme vanity and neediness — and I guess it's there—but that's not the crowd I've seen or run with. I've found the most interesting, curious, engaging people in this funny thing we call storytelling. I love working with them, and I love the moment right before 'Action' and the bell rings, and you don't know exactly what's going to happen; you just start following a vein of thought. And I love the surprises that come from that. And I love stories. I think it's an amazing thing we get to do; we get to contribute to the Zeitgeist of our time. I don't know how much relevance that has, but I don't diminish it either. I think there's really something to getting to tell stories that investigate or laugh at what paradoxes and quizzical things we are."

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