How sweet! Brie Bella and husband Bryan Danielson’s daughter, Birdie, is already “excited” to become a big sister, the Total Bellas star tells Life & Style exclusively. While Brie admits her firstborn is “finally understanding” what her new duties will entail, the 36-year-old worries that her 2-year-old will have mixed feelings once the baby arrives in the summer.

“We got a puppy around the holiday, and Birdie gets jealous when the puppy is lying on me or I give the puppy attention,” Brie shares. “So I’m like, ‘Oh no! I hope this isn’t what she’s going to be like when the baby comes.'”

Courtesy of @thebriebella/Instagram

Brie, who grew up with twin Nikki Bella and younger brother JJ Garcia, is hesitant about what Birdie’s reaction will be like based on her very own personal experience being a big sister to JJ.

“It’s so funny because my mom said when my brother came, he’s two and a half years younger than Nicole and I, Nicole couldn’t wait to hold him when we got to the hospital, where I couldn’t even look at him,” the soon-to-be mom of two shares. “I kept looking out the window, like I didn’t want anything to do with him, so I’m like, ‘Oh great, I wonder if that’s going to be my karma with Bird.'” Hopefully, that’s not the case!

Fans can expect to see a deeper glimpse of not only Brie’s second pregnancy, but also her marriage with Bryan on the upcoming season of Total Bellas, which premieres on E! Thursday, April 2, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

“I feel like because I’ve been a reality star for almost seven years now, I’ve really opened up my life and I’ve taken people on my journey from being engaged to getting married to giving birth on TV,” Brie divulges. “But I never really thought I’d give everyone such a deep look into Bryan and I’s marriage and this season you’re just going to see like … You know, last year has been really tough on us, and I think like any normal couple when you become a parent, you try to balance being a parent and your marriage and then also being a career woman.”

We can’t wait to watch everything unfold!

Reporting by Diana Cooper